Coffee Storage 101 - The Best Way to Store Your Perth Coffee Beans.

Coffee Storage 101 - The Best Way to Store Your Perth Coffee Beans.

We all know that feeling…

When you are REALLY looking forward to the first coffee of the day…

(whether that’s at home or at work).

And you’ve just completed your daily coffee-brewing ritual…

(your tried-and-true method to make sure your coffee tastes EXACTLY how you like it).

And after all that effort, the anticipation is palpable…

But as you lift your favourite mug to your lips for that hallowed first sip…

(that is usually the highlight of the day)


Don’t get me wrong it’s not horrendous.

But it just ain’t the usual cup of deliciousness that helps get you through your day…

So you go away scratching your head, asking yourself:

 “I wonder why it doesn’t taste as good as yesterday?”

And you stumble through the rest of the day just feeling a little bit “flat” too.


Like I said, we’ve all been there before…

But as an experienced collective of Perth Coffee Roasters, Perth Baristas and Perth Cafe owners...

Our mission at Coffee Beans Perth is to help you brew the best possible cup of coffee every single day!

(as we believe that GOOD COFFEE has the power to make people's day).

So we wanted to share with you a neat little tip (to avoid flat tasting coffee) that is standard practice within the specialty coffee industry in Western Australia.

(but is sometimes overlooked by people making coffee at home or at work).


At the end of every shift at Jessie’s Cafe…

(our much-loved Perth Cafe in Myaree, Western Australia)

Our baristas remove every single specialty coffee bean from the coffee grinder and store them in an air-tight container overnight.

Yep, that’s right…

How you store your coffee has a massive impact on its freshness and  how it tastes the following day!

(as correct storage preserves its quality and helps prevent it from going stale).

So when you are using premium Perth coffee beans like ours…

(expertly roasted by one of the most experienced Perth Coffee Roasters).

We strongly recommend storing them correctly as it’s a simple trick to keep your beans fresh and your morning brew tasting delicious EVERY SINGLE TIME!

(and avoiding the dreaded “flat” taste described in the scenario above).


In fact, as long-time Perth coffee roasters, Perth cafe owners & baristas, we take coffee bean storage so seriously, that we are now stocking AIRSCAPE CANISTERS in our online store.

This brilliant specialty coffee storage solution goes way beyond airtight!

Airscape has a patented lid & valve system that actually forces air out of the container, thus guaranteeing maximum freshness for days on end.

This is ESPECIALLY important in Western Australia because the climate is so severe.

But the good news is that whether you are based in Perth, Broome, Margaret River or anywhere in between, using an Airscape Canister will keep your delicious Perth Coffee tasting on-point!

>>> check out the AIRSCAPE (in white)

>>> check out the AIRSCAPE (in black)

Happy brewing!

Jess & Cal.

Coffee Beans Perth.

(Proudly based right here in Western Australia).

P.S. Airscape Canisters are our best-selling piece of coffee gear by far, so if you want one, make sure you pounce NOW! (before our stock is all gone).

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