We are Jessie and Cal, a husband and wife duo who just love great coffee! With two young boys full of energy, coffee’s not just a beverage, it’s an essential and beloved part of each day. Our boys, Tommy and Chase, are the driving force behind us and our motivation for creating what we hope to become a platform for sharing the love of coffee, small businesses and supporting our local community.

After over 10 years of living and breathing all things coffee, we are so excited to share our passion here, through Coffee Beans Perth.


How it all started - Sharing our love for coffee with the community

Just over a decade ago, with a clear goal in mind, Jessie started her journey in the coffee industry that eventually blossomed into Jessie’s Cafe & Roasting Co, home of Barista School Perth. She wanted to create a relaxed, sustainable cafe where locals would know they could always get a damn tasty coffee.

As the proud owners of Jessie’s Roasting Co, we know that a great cup of coffee starts with quality beans, carefully selected and roasted to perfection! Roasting our own beans really ignited our passion for coffee and taught us that quality has to be front and centre of everything we do. Roasters are passionate, dedicated and pour love and energy into their craft every day.

At Coffee Beans Perth, we are all about sharing the joy we get from amazing coffee and supporting local businesses. We hope to use this platform to do just that by harnessing our industry knowledge to deliver fantastic, West Coast beans to the homes and offices of coffee lovers everywhere!

Our Vision

Delivering you the best in the West!

Coffee Beans Perth are dedicated to uniting and celebrating the Perth coffee community and beyond, by making great, fresh coffee accessible - right to your doorstep! The West Coast is brimming with fantastic coffee roasters and we want nothing more than to showcase the best of WA.

Coffee is a labour of love and we want to give local roasters the opportunity to share their stories, and most importantly, their craft.

Roasting is a blend of art and science, allowing roasters to create unique, complex and exciting flavour profiles, which enhance and complement the natural qualities coffee beans exude.

We want to provide a one-stop shop, where coffee enthusiasts can not only find the best coffee beans from the West Coast, but a range of brewing equipment to kit out their homes, offices and everything in between.

Our Values

We understand firsthand the dedication (some might say, obsession) that is required to run a small business and value commitment to quality coffee and delivering unbeatable customer service.

We are committed to providing our customers with great, fresh, locally roasted coffee sourced from reputable, sustainable coffee plantations around the world.

We know the West Coast coffee industry is brimming with like-minded roasters and we seek to select and work with WA brands whose values and goals align with ours.

At our heart, we are an Australian-owned, family-run company, who want nothing more than to support and showcase all the incredible coffee the West Coast has to offer.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.