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AeroPress GO Coffee Maker

AeroPress GO Coffee Maker

Coffee Beans Perth

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Experience the convenience of delicious and consistent coffee on-the-go with the AeroPress Go. This compact and lightweight portable coffee maker includes all the necessary equipment in one easy-to-transport cup, making it the perfect travel companion whether you're hiking, camping, or on-the-go.

With the AeroPress Go, you have the flexibility to adjust your recipe to your taste preferences by tweaking the grind, dose, and time. The brewer is also optimized to fit all current AeroPress accessories, adapters, and additional filters, allowing you to brew your coffee just the way you like it.

To brew a perfect cup, simply place a filter in the Filter Cap and rinse with water, add 17g of medium grind coffee, fill to the desired level with hot water, stir, and plunge into your travel cup. The AeroPress Go is designed to fit snugly into its own mug, making it easy to transport in a travel bag, desk, or anywhere you need to go. Get your hands on the AeroPress Go today and enjoy delicious coffee anytime, anywhere.

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