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[Focused & Fresh] Sun Rise - Blend No.3

[Focused & Fresh] Sun Rise - Blend No.3

Coffee Beans Perth

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This refreshing lighter roast will help you start the day feeling focused and full of energy.

Tastes Like - Toffee & Candied Lime

Black or White - Either is delicious, but black is where it really shines.

The ultimate early morning pick-me-up. Whether you prefer a run at the beach or a pre-work spin class, this blend will help you start the day feeling fresh, energised and mentally sharp. With delicious notes of toffee, milk choc and candied citrus, this lighter roast creates a refreshing morning brew that’s nice and bright.

Note - We've recently updated our labels. This coffee was previously know as Jessie's Roasting Co. Signature Blend.


Origins: PNG, Guatemala, Brazil & Ethiopia


Suggested Recipe:

Dose: 22gr

Yield: 42-46gr

Extraction Time: 25 – 30 seconds

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