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[Productivity Booster] Kick Start - Blend No. 2

[Productivity Booster] Kick Start - Blend No. 2

Coffee Beans Perth

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This Delicious Darker Roast Will Help You Start Your Morning Strong.

Tastes Like - Dark Choc & Brown Sugar.

Black or White - Best with milk (or for those who love strong black coffee).

Designed with long workdays in mind, this blend is for people who need a big, bold cup of coffee to start their morning right and sustain them through the day. So whether you are sweating it out on a mine-site up north or working long hours on the terrace, with its big body & syrupy finish, this blend is made to get weary workers & busy professionals through the day feeling good.

Note - We've recently updated our labels. This coffee was previously know as Jessie's Roasting Co. Buzzing Blend.


Origins: Papua New Guinea & Brazil


Suggested Recipe:

Dose: 22gr

Yield: 40-44gr

Extraction Time: 25 – 32 seconds

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